Point of Care (POC) testing Initiative

Point of Care testing for toxoplasmosis is an initiative to identify and recruit pregnant women from urban, rural and nomadic regions of Morocco. Pregnant women exposed to the disease during gestation phase will receive a follow-up by doctor experts for treatment. Our goal is to reduce the transmission of the parasite from mother to child and prevent this disease.

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We apply an innovative approach to make individuals aware of certain preventable conditions that they may be at risk for. These include both communicable and non-communicable conditions. We focus, particularly on Hepatitis B and Toxoplasmosis. For more info about our recent innovation approach to prevent toxoplasmsosis, visit: https://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2018-08/p-wbt080818.php


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Morocco-US workshop series Program

Morocco-US workshop series are intended to provide an opportunity for researchers/practitioners, as well as students to gather and learn about the last advancements and trends concerning communicable and non communicable diseases that are leading causes of morbidity and death in Morocco. Our previous workshop meetings are as follows:

1st workshop on New developments in viral hepatitis, November 2011, school of Medicine of Marrakech, school of Medicine Oujda, school of Medicine Fes, and School of Medicine Casablanca.

2ndworkshop on New therapy for Hepatitis C, March .

3rd International meeting on clinical Infectious Diseases and 1st meeting of congenital toxoplasmosis, November 2016, National Institute of Hygiene, Rabat.

4th workshop on neglected and emergent diseases, November 2019, Rabat.

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Scholar Development Program

Scholar Development Program provides unique experiences and opportunities for children students and residents of South side to participate in summer camp to learn Arabic and culture.
This program, which is program aim to provide a nurturing environment in which, the children will discover the culture of several Arabic speaking countries, countries’ customs and tradition.

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