English Editing Designed for Researchers

Helping scientists and researchers bring their manuscripts to perfection

United Language and Learning Institute (ULALI) is proud to help thousands of international researchers in academic editing. With many highly-qualified editors from the top research universities in the USA, we have subject-expert editors in hundreds of areas of study to correct your manuscript.

Our editors are faculty members, PhD, MD, PhD candidates and post-docs from the top research universities in the U.S. They all meet rigorous selection standards.

Whether you are submitting a 300-word abstract or a 50,000-word thesis, our staff specializes in language polishing and will carefully correct any errors in spelling, grammar, and word choice. After our work is completed, the language in your paper will be of publication quality.

ULALI will match your paper to a skilled editor in your field, and it will receive additional revision based on the level of service you select.

Please contact us with any questions. Our support staff is available 24 hours a day and would be happy to assist you.